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Get closer to amazing clients and look super legit online with an easy-to-use custom website and killer branding.


Dedicated to small business with mighty vision.

closer. is a boutique creative studio based in Auckland, purposefully committed to working with those passionate about building their brand and their business with drive and intent. Through a collaborative process that is fun and fast, together we will create a clever solution that attracts your dream client - whether it be through a killer brand or a custom designed website.


Brand your business.

A brand is not simply a logo - it’s the entire image of a business. It gives potential customers a tasty little glimpse of what to expect when they purchase from your business.

Launch your website.

A website is your business’s home base online. Open 24/7 promoting your dream and making that money even when you sleep. It’s a digital world - get amongst it!



Meet the creative

Sonia Nepe.

One of my greatest joys is to use my talents to help others who dream of owning their own business - fiercely pursuing their passion with contagious enthusiasm.




On the gram.


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