4 of my favourite tools for running an online business


When you’re a solopreneur like me (fempreneur, creativepreneur, mumpreneur are all other ‘preneur’ words I also like to use), running your own small business can be a mighty hustle! Luckily, the technology exists to make life a lot easier! With so many things to stay on top of and likely, very little funds to invest - I’ve put together a list of my four favourite tools I use to save time, stay organised, create content, and keep on top of the needs of my clients!

1. Later for Instagram

I use Later to plan out my Instagram feed, write captions ahead of time, create hashtag groups, store photos/videos for my feed and stories, track analytics, and (best of all) schedule my posts! Later also has a great blog jam-packed with helpful tips and resources on Instagram, marketing your business, growing your brand and so much more.

2. Asana for project management

Asana is an online project management tool that helps to keep me on top of the many tasks that come with running a creative small business. I can also create different project boards and to-do-lists, I can tick them off when done or set reminders for when they are due. I use Asana to plan my upcoming social media posts, blog content, when to update my financials or any other little project I may dream off. Asana keeps me organised in a point A-to-B kind of way, so if you like a good step by step checklist just as much as I do, go ahead and give it a (free) trial.

3. Squarespace For Email Marketing

I use Squarespace to create and send out my email marketing campaigns. I love it because it’s simple and clean, just like the website building platform that it sits within. You can quickly and easily pull content from your site straight to email, this means blog content, products, your logo is simply added with a click of a button. You can add subscriber or e-commerce automation’s and track your analytics. There are some limitations however, such as mailing list segmentation and automation funnels - so if these are functions that are important to you then an alternative may be for you. I like to keep it simple, so for my small business it all works a dream.

4. Dubsado for the client process

Dubsado is the magic behind-the-scenes that manages my daily business tasks in a seamless and professional manner. Once you’ve set up your client process Dubsado can take care of things like client contracts, invoicing, workflows, appointment scheduling and more. It’s like having your own virtual assistant … which is why I call ‘him’ Dubby (the internet elf).

If you’d like to give Dubsado a whirl, click the link below to sign up for a free trial. Use coupon code closerHQ to get 20% off when you upgrade to a paid monthly or yearly plan!

Are you a soloprenuer? Do you run a small business? I’d love to know what tools of the trade you use! Leave your comments below, with your recommendations and insights.

Sonia xo