Marama Wellness Solutions - Live Website



Launched! This beautifully healing e-commerce website for the lovely Danielle of Marama Wellness Solutions. Danielle had a few websites created on different platforms which she wanted to bring together to make an easy to navigate and functional site that spoke more to her target audience. 

We incorporated a beautiful midnight blue to reference the night when ‘Marama’ (Maori for the moon) is present and we paired it with a soft pale pink to bring some lightness, femininity and calm. The wordmark logo we created was also a reflection of this, with a simple yet effective crescent shape centered to again reference the moon which is the central force of healing energy in which Danielle has referenced her connection with. 

With many products and services on offer, we created a shop which is easy for the customer to navigate, filter, and purchase all the while keeping a consistent flow throughout each products range and service offering. 

It was an absolute pleasure working with Danielle to bring her vision to life. I can’t wait to see where Marama takes her and have no doubt that her business will have enormous benefits for many of her customers, clients and students.