5 reasons why you should use Squarespace to build your website

five reasons why you should use squarespace

When creating a website for your business the first thing you have to do is decide which website hosting platform will serve your needs. It can be so daunting when you realise that there are so many different options out there to choose from. I absolutely LOVE Squarespace, I use it for my own website and here are my top five reasons why you should use it too:

1. Squarespace is smart and good-looking

Squarespace templates are beautifully designed with a clean and streamlined aesthetic, but the best part is that they are extremely versatile and customisable. Its drag-and-drop structure and easy-to-insert integrations make web design a dream! You don’t need to be a tech whizz to get your site up and running as Squarespace has thoughtfully designed their user interface to be so perfectly intuitive.

2. Squarespace is mobile responsive

Isn’t it amazing to think that at any time of the day or night we could pull out our mobile phone and order virtually anything we want, anywhere in the world, without leaving the house!? As a business owner, it is so important that your website looks great on any screen while still maintaining form and function. With Squarespace you don't have to worry about designing a separate mobile site from your desktop site, it’s all built right in!

3. Squarespace is all inclusive

Adding a blog, online shop, booking system or keeping track of finances is super simple with Squarespace. There are so many features built-in to the platform, something that many other website hosts just don't offer. No need for plug-ins or managing multiple platforms, everything you need is all in one convenient place. Oh, and it can even manage your newsletters and email list now too!

4. Squarespace is SEO friendly

SEO (search engine optimisation) is important for the visibility of your site on search engines (Hey, Google!) and Squarespace has built SEO features right into their platform. Read what Squarespace does for SEO here.  

5. Squarespace has great support

This is probably the most important reason why you should choose Squarespace. If something went wrong and you can’t find a solution to the problem, rest assured the Squarespace support team are on hand. They offer live chat and email services and are quick to respond, super knowledgeable and friendly! You can guarantee they will have the answer you need.